Do you know how much money web browsing is costing your business?

Social Media Filter

Internet browsing costs companies far more than the obvious costs of providing connectivity. A recent survey indicated many staff spend more time on social networking sites while at work than they do in their free time. Add lost revenue and productivity caused by malware downloaded accidentally from the internet, the impact on company bandwidth and potential for data leakage and the internet could be costing your business thousands of pounds each year!

As an employer you also have a duty of care to ensure that your employees are not subjected to offensive or illegal material found on the internet. Remember – an employee who takes offence at something they are exposed to on their own or a colleague’s machine will have a grievance with their employer, not the individual responsible for the original misuse of the internet!

Simple, flexible Cloud based Web Security for your complete business

Web Shield

Our Web Security service is a fast and flexible cloud based web filtering solution. It is ideal for securing single sites, networks with multiple or remote locations and unsupervised or roaming users. Easily deployed by installing a small agent that runs silently in the background on every computer, it intercepts web traffic from any web browser on the computer using any Internet access point available; wired, Wi-Fi or 3G.


Web Filter features

Fast & Reliable
Cloud-based policies
Your policies, your way
Easy Administration
Monitoring & Reporting

Fast & Reliable

Unlike some competing products, ours does not proxy the data between each computer and the cloud. This provides a superior browsing experience for the user and reduces the amount of bandwidth required at either end. The agent is completely transparent during normal browsing.

Our web filter is a robust service based on fully resilient infrastructure, guaranteeing a fast, latency-free internet and extremely reliable experience for users.

Cloud-based policies

Our service applies policies to protected PCs and laptops using an MSI client and Cloud based control panel, so staff who work away from the office can have the same policies applied as if they were on your network.

Policies can be applied to individual users, groups of users or all users and can be scheduled for different times of the day, so you can customise the filter to meet your organisations exact requirements.

Your policies, your way

Enforce policies that are as open or as restrictive as you choose. You might decide to block all internet access, except for a limited number of work-related sites – adopting a wall-garden approach to internet access, or you may simply want to block a select number of sites or categories.

With Safe Search you can enforce Safe Searches on a range of the most popular internet sites and search engines, including Google, Bing, YouTube and Yahoo.


End users are unable to uninstall or stop the agent on protected devices without access to a global password – even if they have local admin rights. Installing alternative browsers will have no impact on the application of policies, the filter works with all browsers.

The use of anonymizers and proxies can easily be blocked using a policy based rule, so users can not bypass the filter and put themselves at risk.

Easy Administration

Administrators can use the web-based Admin Console to quickly create and apply appropriate usage policies for groups or individuals, set custom block or unblock rules and assign user permissions.

If a user tries to access a blocked site they will receive a message including an optional link to send the administrator an unblock request. Requests can be viewed in the console and granted or denied at your discretion.

Monitoring & Reporting

Administrators can quickly see who in the organisation is using the internet – for how long and for what. Where necessary policies can be refined and fine tuned as your organisations internet usage requirements change.

Using the web based console you can build attractive and informative reports based on internet activity by date, user, sites visited and sites blocked so you can quickly and easily analyse web trends and usage.

Web Filter Performance
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Web Policies
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Web Filter Admin
Web Filter Monitoring

Web Filter Prices


Base Package

  • 10 Users
  • 25 Users
  • 50 Users
  • 100 Users
  • 250 Users
  • 500 Users
  • 1000 Users

Price per month

  • £49.00
  • £99.00
  • £179.00
  • £329.00
  • £749.00
  • £1399.00
  • £2599.00

Additional users

  • £4.00
  • £4.00
  • £3.75
  • £3.50
  • £3.25
  • £3.00
  • £2.75

Additional users
(5 pack)

  • £19.00
  • £18.00
  • £17.00
  • £16.00
  • £15.00
  • £14.00
  • £13.00

Additional users
(10 pack)

  • £36.00
  • £34.00
  • £32.00
  • £30.00
  • £28.00
  • £26.00
  • £24.00
Discounts are available for combined services, for example web and email filtering for the same domain. Please contact us for details and discounted pricing.